Hidden Lava focuses on using your strengths to access the courage needed to create success.

Courage can only be found on the other side of doubts, fears and other self-imposed unconscious limitations.  Hidden Lava’s services concentrate on creating positive and sustainable change from the inside-out.


The awareness that comes from making the unconscious behaviours conscious, acts as a catalyst for change.  Furthermore, when efforts are placed on letting go of old habits and embracing the new, this makes it sustainable.  So, you need to connect to your virtues to propel yourself forward, but before anything else, you need to know what they are!


Free workshop: A Mindful Path

Eventbrite - A Mindful Path: Workshop (FREE)

Modern life is BUSY! It’s full of various commitments – work, work, work, family, social life, more work and on top of all of that, trying to stay fit and healthy.  All of which requires your time and energy!  The problem is that you don’t feel that you’re in control and life is just happening to you.  The constant flow of these multiple demands can be overwhelming, draining and leave you feeling out of balance.  It takes longer than a weekend to restore from the mental and emotional exhausted, but that is all you have.  Something needs to change, but you don’t know what or how….

Come and discover an authentic way to manage a busy life, by taking control of a busy mind.  You may feel like chucking it all in at times, but you don’t have to take such drastic action.  You just have to change who you are in it and the approach that you are taking.  It’s never about the circumstances themselves, but how you deal with them that will make all the difference.  Learn how you can create the mental space needed to gain awareness, have clarity and make choices, so you can be the best version of yourself.

“It was a fantastic”

The short session alone helped me to reset myself and focus, get clarity, be more aware

“Highly recommend!!”


Eventbrite - A Mindful Path: Workshop (FREE)

By the end of this workshop, you will know:

  • How to create balance to regain control of life in an authentic and sustainable way
  • The benefits of applying this to everyday life, plus experience a little piece of it yourself
  • Take away practical tips that you can implement straight after the workshop!

Underpinned by positive psychology, this has been proven to have a positive effect on your mental state and overall wellbeing.  This matters because your state of mind drives your behaviour, which in turn contributes to your outcomes in life.  Benefits include self-regulation of emotion (step one of EQ), better decision making, sharper focus and protection from toxic environmental stress.

Is it yoga? No, we conduct these sessions in that type of environment as it’s a great way to ground yourself.  Is it meditation? No, but it is used as part of the workshop because of its undeniable positive impact on directing attention and training your focus.  Curious to know more? Still don’t really know what it is?  Well, there’s only one way to find out! Put on something comfortable and join me to learn how you can integrate mindfulness into your life.

Can think of others who would also be interested in this?  Why not bring them along with you?

Corporate Services

Your product or service could be brilliant, but your investors’ expectations cannot be met without the company reaching its full potential.  The organisation cannot get close to this if your people are not emotionally connected to their work.  Your people are employees who are paid to fulfil a role, but they are first…….well people.   People have two primary needs that need to be met for them to feel motivated.  They are having a sense of belonging and feeling that they are part of something bigger; feeling supported to succeed through a united consensus.

The message is simple, success must be two way. The performance of your organisation is a direct reflection of your employees’ success.  It is, therefore, imperative for companies to create a structure for personal success through vertical learning to change the behaviour rather than action.

You can empower your employees to engineer their own success, by heightening their interpersonal skills.  Hidden Lava focuses on exactly this; creating a more conscious workforce through its workshops, talks and coaching.


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